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Negotiating with Houthis: It is a crazy world

الأربعاء : 12 / ديسمبر / 2018 | 18:59 منذ 3 شهر/اشهر
Negotiating with Houthis: It is a crazy world

By Yaseen Khaled


It is a crazy world. The government, under pressure from the international government is negotiating with Houthis for peace.

 As a savage local Jihadist movement, the Houthis barbecued the genitals of government soldiers arrested during the on and off fighting with the Saleh regime. They chopped off the genitals as well as limbs of these soldiers, burned them and then killed the mutilated soldiers.

The Houthis have tortured hundreds of civilians to death or permanent disability. They focused most of their wrath on journalists, in totality wiping out even verbal dissent in their areas of control. 

They have been besieging a city of two million people, Taiz, for nearly four years, causing large numbers of people to die slowly of hunger and a broad range of diseases.

Thy have filled the Yemeni virgin land with landmines over the past four years.

They, out of their theocratic ambitions, sabotaged Yemen's historical transition and national dialogue by a bloody coup in 2014 and plunged Yemen into what we all know today.  

Thhy still believe democracy is "a paganism" and re-educate their prisoners under duress that it is the invention of the "Jews and Christians." 

They to this moment are still maximal, and true to their full principle of fighting "the infidels" (as the picture suggests) – the Yemeni people and anyone who opposes their dynastical reign. The Houthis are participating in the peace talks in Sweden now. It is no secret that from their Jaroodi Islamic background, they, of course, believe in "Taqiya" – a permission to (when needed) play along and conceal one's real goals.

The Houthis still emphasize day and night, they will fight until the "Day of Judgment." 

Now the UN has rolled out the negotiations, the government is participating and some people are seriously watching and expecting something from the talks! It is a real crazy world.